Evaluation of Fosfomycin Efficacy as Compared to other Antimicrobials in Various Urinary Isolates

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Amruta Kar, Swetalona Pattanaik, Deepak Kumar, Sarita Kumari Nayak, Shivakumar GC


Background: Since Urinary tract infections (UTI’s) are one of the most common bacterial infections and various pathogenic micro-organisms are involved in the etiology of it. Because of development of resistance to most commonly used antimicrobials, fosfomycin has emerged as the treatment option for UTI’s. We aimed to evaluate the efficacy of fosfomycin with comparison with other antimicrobials. Fosfomycin is available in oral and iv formulation and its concentration level in urine is very high, which makes fosfomycin, a preferred drug for UTI’s. 

Materials and Methods: This was a prospective study in the Department of Microbiology, Hi-Tech Medical College & Hospital, Bhubaneswar, Odisha from March 2020 to May 2021. Samples were collected who were suspected of UTI and were in oculated into appropriate media. A total of 603 isolates showing significant growth were included in the study. The isolates were identified and antibiotic susaptibility   testing was done. according to CLSD guidelines.

Results: Out of 603 bacterial Isolates ,51.9%.  from OPD 32.8%. IPD AQND 14.5% FROM ICU. Majorty of them were females with age group 19-30 yrs (41.4%). Escherichia coli consisted majority of isolates (35.3 %) and 94.4% sensitive to fosfomycin. Among Gram positive isolate, Enterococuse spp. Were 11.9 % and 90.2 % sensitise against most of the isolates obtained.

Conclusion: Fosfomycin is attaining importance because of its distinctive mechanisim of action and low level of resistance among antimicrobials, which can be a preferred drug choice for the treatment of UTI’s.

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