Relationships between Anestrus Lactating with HSD3B1 Gene in Iraqi Cows

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Kareem Kadhim Radhi , Al-Yasiri E.A


Purpose:to investigate HSD3B1 gene and its relationship with progesterone treatment.

Methods: Blood samples from cases with anestrus lactating cows were used to extract genomic DNA. Detection analyses were performed using PCR methods. Sequence analysis of HSD3B1 with bioinformatics examination and SNP detection.

Results:Gel electrophoresis revealed bands of extracted nucleic acid from HSD3B1gene from cases with anestrus lactating cows. HSD3B1gene in anestrus lactating had several transition or transversion mutation when compared to other globally known. The phylogenic analysis of HSD3B1 gene in anestrus lactating similar to the Brazil Bos Taurus indicus at 99% homology. The SNP in HSD3B1 gene was 10203T>C SNP and the relationship between TT and TC in E2 and P4 respectively were non-significant.

Conclusion: According to our findings, HSD3B1 single nucleotide polymorphism is linked to progesterone treatment in an anestrus lactating cows.

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