V-Y Plasty– An Esthetic Approach to Treat Aberrant Frenum: A Case Report

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Pragya Singh, Mrinalini Agarwal, Mayur Kaushik, Vasudha Gupta


Introduction: The endless quest for harmony of the smile has indeed led to great advances in dentistry. Developmental abnormalities frequently occur, particularly diastemas. During the

treatment of these abnormalities, such as the pathological labial frenum, some obstacles may be encountered, which may not only favour their appearance but may also make it difficult to

establish the prognosis of the case if the frenectomy is not correctly performed.

Aim: The aim ofthis study was to present a clinical case of maxillary labial frenectomy by means of theV-Y plastytechnique.

Case Report The patient, a 22-year-old woman, had a pathological labial frenumi.e. papillary type frenum. After being evaluated, her therapeutic planning was determined. Frenectomy was performed using the V-Y plasty technique, with the intention ofdiminishing the appearance of a scar and preventing the recurrence of the diastema after the conclusionof the orthodontic treatment.

Conclusion: Although frenectomy is considered a simple method,there is wide variation among the technique for the removal of the hypertrophic frenum. The V-Y pattern is efficient because it promotesredistribution of the tension in the skin, and minimizesscar formation.

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