Struggling Multi-Stress Resistant Mycoplasma pneumonia with built-in Potency Tolerance Behavior to Antibiotics and Ultraviolet Irradiation B

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Iman K. K. Hazaa, Ali Hassan Ahmed Al-Shammary


            Stress adaptation cascaded by stress hardening and quorum sensing behavior inside an enclosed ecosystem of biofilm was a special topic encountered and verified by this designed objected assignment throughout built-in cascaded chain of recovery plan till PCR fingerprint confirmation module. Epigenetically host specific but drifted adapted Mycoplasma pneumoniae was emergently encountered from dairy series in scanned and selected sectors in Baghdad (Abu-Ghraib, Al-Sadrya and Al-Fudhaliyah) within specified times intervals (seasonal episodes) extended from January to June (2021). Unacceptable Contamination Estimates in food chain displayed and resident.Potentiation wax barrier was encountered as a biofilm ecosystem resident with Streptococci, Mycoplasma and M. pneumoniae. Forbidden Resident Multi Stress Phenomenon’s to Antibiotics (MDR ESβL) cascaded by Ultra Violet Tolerance behavior (UVT) encountered in most isolates of M. pneumoniae. Sixteen isolates were resistant to all selected antibiotics out of eighteen (88.88 %) except some moderate susceptibility to Norfloxacin, Aztreonam and Azithromycin. All these recovered MDR strains were tolerate exposing to UV light (UVT) as an emergent forbidden biohazard especially those recovered from fresh soft cheese resident in Al-Sadrya within temperate climate (generation time and growth pattern). Colony phase variation displayed and configured in UVT sub lethal resuscitated clones.

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