Potentiation Selective Regime of Pasteurization Cascaded by Propolis Processing vs Multi-Stress Resistant Mycoplasma pneumoniae*.C.

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Iman K K Hazaa, Ali Hassan Ahmed Al-Shammary


            Stress adaptation cascaded by stress hardening and quorum sensing behavior inside an enclosed ecosystem of biofilm was a special topic encountered and verified by this designed objected assignment throughout built-in cascaded chain of recovery plan till PCR fingerprint confirmation module. Epigenetically host specific but drifted adapted Mycoplasma pneumoniae was emergently encountered from dairy series in scanned and selected sectors in Baghdad (Abu-Ghraib, Al-Sadrya and Al-Fudhaliyah) within specified times intervals (seasonal episodes) extended from January to June (2021). Unacceptable Contamination Estimates in food chain displayed and resident.Pasteurization in terms of thermal reduction time (D values for LTLT module) was more efficient than the processing in terms of thermal reduction temperature (Z values for HTST module) excluding false positive and false negative pair traits within receiver operating characteristics (ROC curve design analysis). Versatile emergent thermotolerant strains were encountered from raw milk, fresh ropy and thick sour yogurt, and fresh soft cheese resident in Al-Fudhaliyah territory. Colony phase variation displayed and configured in thermotolerant sub lethal resuscitated clones. The most tolerant emergent strains to propolis oil were those encountered from raw milk and fresh soft cheese resident in Abu-Ghraib cascaded by those recovered from brined soft cheese resident in Al-Sadrya. Pasteurization potentiated by Propolis oil processing regimes (specifically 5 % post pasteurization) terminate dramatically most thermotolerant and multi stress strains. Propolis potentiate antibiotics to reduce and terminate problems of biofilm entity and multi stress tolerance and resistance struggling’s (Anti Stress Hardening).

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