Recovery of Host Specific but Stress Adapted Mycoplasmapneumoniae from Soft Cheese and Associated workers in Baghdad A

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Iman K. K. Hazaa, Ali Hassan Ahmed Al-Shammary


            Stress adaptation cascaded by stress hardening and quorum sensing behavior inside an enclosed ecosystem of biofilm was a special topic encountered and verified by this designed objected assignment throughout built-in cascaded chain of recovery plan till PCR fingerprint confirmation module. Epigenetically host specific but drifted adapted Mycoplasma pneumoniae was emergently encountered from soft cheese in scanned and selected sectors in Baghdad (Abu-Ghraib, Al-Sadrya and Al-Fudhaliyah) within specified times intervals (seasonal episodes) extended from January to June (2021). Unacceptable Contamination Estimates in food chain displayed and resident. Frequency and distribution contamination pattern of epidemiological denominator was versatile among soft cheese, sectors and episodes. Colloquially conservative and semiconservative pattern deposited from soft cheese resident in Al-Sadrya. March and April displayed preferable seasonal episodes for targeted denominator. Pleuropneumonia like organisms (PPLO) media supplemented with horse serum with and without methylene blue cascaded by fingerprint Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) support segregation and confirmation of ancestral ecomap. Cascaded and PCR primed fresh and brined soft cheese units in topic sectors revealed recovery of nine isolates (6.25 %) out of one-hundred forty-four pooled dual brands. Resident sector was Al-Sadrya as six isolates (4.16 by 1.66 %) followed by Al-Fudhaliyah as two (1.38 by 0.55 %) then Abu-Ghraib as one (0.69 by 0.27 %). Cascaded episodes revealed recovery of fife isolates (3.47 by 1.38 %) in April downstream by one colloquially in four months except June (0.69 by 0.27 %). Mean estimates from both encountered sub brands revealed massive nine logs (9.07 of lineage in comparison to massive three to four logs (3.78 of pneumoniae.

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