The Relation of Growth Hormone with FSH, LH and Testosterone Hormones in Sera of Iraqi Children with Growth Hormone Deficiency

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Athraa F. Hasan, Bushra F. Hassan, Abdilkareem Y. Al-Sameraie


Growth hormone is a pituitary hormone released by the stimulation of growth hormone releasing hormone produced by the pituitary and it has a wide range of functions allover the body, the main of which is growth. This study aimed to study the effect of growth hormone on pituitary gonadotropins and some other parameters. One hundred eighty (180) subjects were studied in the National Diabetic Center for Treatment and Research/Al-Mustansiriya University in Baghdad/Iraq for the period from November 2021 to April 2022. Blood was drawn and investigated for the levels of GH, LH, FSH and testosterone and statistical analysis was done to find any correlations. Age, weight, height were not found to be significantly different among groups, while BMI was found to be significantlyhigher in those with growth hormone deficiency. LH, FSH and testosterone were found to be significantly different.

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