Genetic Analysis of S100B Gene in Iraqi Patients with Ischemic Stroke

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Amina Farouk Yahya, Namir .I.A.Haddad, Asmaa Mohammed Saud


            Ischemic stroke (IS) occurs when ablood clot blocksor narrows an artery feeding to the brain. A blood clot often forms in arteriesthat have been injured  by the buildup of plaques (atherosclerosis). The rs9722 polymorphism in the S100B gene and susceptibility to Ischemic Stroke were investigated in this study.A whole of 49 subjects included 25 patients with Ischemic Stroke and 24 controls. The age and gender of the subjects were matched. The demographic profiles of the patients include the gender. Male 11 (45.9%) and female 13 (54.1%) , control mean of ages (60.533 11.309). Male 14(56%) and female 11(44%) while patients group age means was (62.517 10.491). The current investigation is being carried out in order to determine the concentrations of S100B protein tested via using an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). The results revealed that S100B protein levels were significantly increased (P<0.001) in the patients in comparison to people who are healthy. And the mean of S100B protein concentration for Ischemic Stroke patients was (528.09 281.77) ,while the control was ( 132.24 35.18).The gene polymorphisms of rs9722 G > A of S100B and alleles frequency show a non-significant association between patients and control.

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