A Study on Medicinal Plants and Its Hepatoprotective Activity

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Dr. Ajay Sharma, Dr. Shailesh M. Kewatkar, Mr. Dipak Vikram Bhusari, Dr. Manmeet Singh, Dr. Gaurav Jain, Mr. Salaj Khare, Miss. Vidhi Jain


We, the human being possess a huge wealth of medicinal plants which have been explored and validated for their therapeutic properties. Still there are so many plants whose medicinal properties are not yet published and lots of research works are needed to be carried out on such medicinal plants.Herbal drugs play a vital role in the management of various liver disorder, most of them speed up the natural healing process of liver. Numerous medicinal plants and their formulations are used in liver disorders in ethno medicinal practices as well as traditional system of medicine in India.  Various types of treatment modalities are available to treat liver diseases.  In allopathic medical practices, herbs play role in the management of various liver disorders. Since however, we do not have satisfactory remedy for disorders of liver, the search for finding out effective hepatoprotective drugs continues.

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