Using Some Essential Oils Emulsion and Nanoemulsion Oil for Potato Early Blight Control

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M. M. Saber, Nour El-Houda A. Reyad, Abd El-Syed, Ghanim, El-Garhy


During season 2016/2017 percentages of early blight disease severity were recorded at four surveyed governorates i.e. Behera, Ismailia, Giza and Minea through three potato plantations (nile, summer and winter). High level of disease severity (DS) was pronounced in Ismailia followed by Behera governorate. Using PCR species specific primers of Alternariasolani for confirm identification. All the nine fungal isolates were found to be different pathogenicity on potato leaves (Spountacv.) under greenhouse conditions. Where, the highest DS was recorded with isolate no.4 at Ismailia followed by isolate no. 2 at Behera.

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