Comparative Study between the bacteria that Found in Oral Cavity and the Material that Used in It

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Dr. Serar Nassir Alnajjar, Dr. Mafaz Mahdi Musen, Dr. Duha Qais Sabah


This study's objective is to determine how frequently dental materials transmit bacterial infections. Samples were taken from the Dentistry's specialty clinics. By taking two swabs from the same patient, the first from the patient's mouth and the second from the material that was used, after getting the permission of both the patient and the material that was used.Each sample specimen was inoculated into the correct plates, and then the automated device VITEK 2 was utilized to automate the biochemical characterization and identification of these isolates at particular microorganisms. The results appear to mean something different for each of the two groups, indicating that dental patients are high-risk patients in terms of their ability to contract and spread infectious diseases.

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