Is Hepcidininduced Anemia in Obese Individual?

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Khalid Hassan Abdalruda


Iron deficiency anemia is common in obese subject, high level of ofhepcidinwas observed in obese which is the main systemic adjustment for iron homeostasis ,itlimits iron absorption from intestine.

Objectives:The aim is to explore f hepcidinrole in inducing iron deficiency anemia in individuals withobese.

Method: A total of 240 individuals were enteredin thiswork,121were non obese and 119 obese subject .Iron status parameters, hepcidin and inflammatory marker levels were estimated.

Results:C-RP,IL-6, TIBC and hepcidin values were significantly higher and significantly lowerserum ironin the obese group and  male than those non obese and female respectively. WhileHb and ferritin demonstrate non-significant differences among thes group .

Conclusions: The study decided  highhepcidin level inobese subject involve in development of iron deficiency anemia.

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