Studies of the Dynamic Behavior and Stress-Strain State of Earth Dams Taking into Account Moisture

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P. J. Matkarimov, D. P. Juraev, S. Usmonkhuzhaev


The article is devoted to the study of the stress-strain state (SSS) and the dynamic behavior of the Tupolangskaya earth dam in a flat setting, taking into account soil moisture. The developed mathematical model for the study of earth dams based on the variational Lagrange equation using the d'Alembert principle is presented. As a computing device, the finite element method is used in the work. It was revealed that the soil moisture leads to a redistribution of the SSS of the dam, mainly in the core, where the stress state decreases compared to the transition zones and part of the structure's thrust prisms. It is also shown that the impact on the SSS of the dam is not only the maximum amplitude, but also to a greater extent the frequency spectra and duration of seismic impacts.

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