Optimized PID Controller for Quadcopter System Based on (Ant-Colony-Optimization)

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Zahraa Niema Kamal, Hawraa Neama Jasim


Multi-propeller drones require a high level of stability to maintain their performance and complete their tasks. The precision of the gyroscope, vibration, the atmospheric pressure sensor, the centre of gravity's distance from the centre, and other elements all contribute to aircraft stability. The combination of these variables results in a lack of stability. The employment of the proper controller and control approach can entirely solve the problem of stability. The PID controller is one of the most widely used control systems. As is well known, this approach is based primarily on three key criteria. The ant-colony algorithm was applied to a mathematical model of a quad-propeller aircraft in this research. The optimal values of the three parameters were computed using the described algorithm, and a high level of stability was attained that fits the needs of most applications. The topic of "ant algorithms" investigates models developed from observations of real ant activity and uses these models as a source of inspiration for the development of unique algorithms for solving optimization and PID control problems. MATLAB software was used to run the simulation.

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