Effect of Quantitative Descriptors on Niosomes

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Abhishek Dutta, Rupa Mazumder, Swarupanjali Padhi, Shalini Singh, Manvinder Singh


A drug delivery system is defined as a plan for delivering a medicine to the right place in the body. Medicine delivery systems require a transporter capable of preventing quick breakdown or liberation of the medication while also increasing the concentration of that medication in tissue targets. Potential drug candidates systems that seem to be biodegradable, biocompatible, and non-immunogenic are shaped by interplay of nonionic surfactants and cholesterol in a fluid stage.  As of late, various examination articles have been distributed in logical diaries announcing the capability of niosome to fill in as a transporter for the conveyance of various kinds of medications. An in-depth focus into niosome composition and processing, as well as their advantages and drawbacks, is presented below.

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