A Study on North East India's Women Education with Special Reference to the State of Assam

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Priyasri Devi, Jeherin Nesha


One of the most crucial foundations of progress has always been education. In developing countries like India, illiteracy becomes the major challenge leads to other socio-economic problems like poverty, unemployment, population bursts etc. so, it is necessary for the country to reduce illiteracy as much as possible. Women's education, on the other hand, has traditionally been overlooked in countries like India. The present study mainly emphasis on the study of North-East India’s women education with special reference to the state of Assam with the objectives of studying the main problems of faced by the women in Assam in receiving Higher Education as well the studying the solutions of these problems. Another goal of this research is to look into the current status of women's higher education in Assam. Secondary sources for collecting information and descriptive research method are used as a method of study. The present study has revealed that there are lots of problems challenges faced by the women in receiving higher education which has to be solved by taking some measures.  The Indian government has taken a leading role in this regard, launching a number of initiatives. And gradually the status of women of Assam in higher education has been improving.

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